Program Analysis Lab @ Iowa State University

Our research interests

  • Automatically detecting, diagnosing and fixing bugs/vulnerabilities in software
  • Machine learning for code
  • Analyzing machine learning systems for reliability, safety and effective learning



Ashwin Kallingal Joshy

Eliska Kloberdanz

Yaojie(Jason) Hu (Co-advising with Prof Jin Tian)

Benjamin Steenhoek

Xueyuan Chen

Ekene Okeke

Alex Schwarte

Jason McInerney

Mohammad Wardat (Co-advising with Prof Hridesh Rajan)

Usman Gohar



Danilo Perez Dominguez, PhD, 2019
Stroh Leslie, Master, 2019




Hydrogen: Analyzing software changes and versions

Helium: Dynamic analysis for code fragments


Lithium: Analyzing event-driven, framework based systems


Symbolic analysis for bugs and specifications



     We thank NSF, SEI@CMU, Google and DARPA for sponsoring our research, and we also thank Gramma Tech, ABB for their support and industrial advice.